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Being financially savvy during a move may include a few credit cards or taking out a cash advance online in order to cover some of the extra start-up costs which a new place may entail. It may seem like a juggling act, but trying to find a new apartment will put a bit of stress on your budget without a few months to prepare for the extra costs.

Prepping your bank account for a move is the best way to avoid financial hardship afterwards. Since many management companies do credit checks when looking over your application, it helps if you have a decent credit score and qualifying income. On average, a management company would be looking for an income which is at least three times the rent. They will not be looking at your credit score as intently as a mortgage broker might, but it does help to have a score showing good money management skills. If there is some underlying story which may explain your score (i.e. a divorce or medical problem) attach a letter briefly explaining what happened to your credit will help. Keep to the facts and keep emotional statements out of the explanation. Professionalism is always appreciated.

As desperate as you may be to find a place to live, a lease puts you in that spot for at least a year, so make your choices wisely. The apartment you find will need to fit your lifestyle. Moving is expensive and can set back financial growth, so make it worth the cost. If short-term cash advances are going to be part of the process, make sure the new rent will leave enough leftover in your paycheck to pay off this new debt. Keep your apartment search on target with your bank account.